As The Ethics Architect Brian helps organisations build ethical structures and defeat workplace crime and unethical and inappropriate behaviour.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in corporate risk management and regularly consults, speaks and writes on related issues. This includes preventing major losses through:

  • Reputational damage
  • Litigation
  • Labour disputes
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Corruption

He has an almost fervent passion for assisting organisations put practical solutions in place to address ethics and workplace crime. In his book John G. Blumberg introduces the concept of the “new ROI” which refers to a return on integrity and postulates that companies with high levels of ethics really do have better bottom-lines.

So “ethical capital” is not – and never really has been – a nice-to-have but is an absolutely critical element to ensure the success and sustainability of any organisation.


Founded in 2013

Founded in 2008

Certified Ethics Practitioner since 2015

Pioneer member of the Ethics Practitioners Association since 2017


Founded in 2013

Founded in 2008

Certified Ethics Practitioner since 2015

Pioneer member of the Ethics Practitioners Association since 2017

Adams’ Ethics Pizza

Since he started anonymous outsourced reporting services in 2000 Brian has always been puzzled why they are so successful in some organisations but not in others. 

He admits to lying awake at night trying to determine what the critical success factors could be. One day, while sitting in a coffee shop, and thinking about one of his very successful subscribers he had a “eureka moment” and the Adams’ Ethics Pizza was born! The pizza – through its eight “slices” – sets out the eight factors which determine whether this intervention will be fruitful or not. In summary, the overriding consideration is that a reporting service should never be introduced in an ethical desert!

Early in 2016 Brian received his certification as an Ethics Officer (Registration Number: EO557) from the Ethics Institute of SA and the University of Stellenbosch Business School.

As part of the process he developed an ethics e-survey which he piloted at one of his Be Heard® subscribers – a major JSE listed company. While processing the results of the survey it dawned on him that the eight critical success factors mentioned above for outsourced reporting services were just as specific to determine the ethics profile of any organisation.

The specific scores received in the survey are plotted onto each of the eight “slices” – from 0 near the centre to 10 on the edge – and if the dots are connected a profile emerges which is called the ethics profile. Once the ethics profile has been drawn up, a plan can be put in place to build on the strengths and put remedial actions in place to address the areas where poor scores were achieved.

It is highly recommended that the e-survey be an essential start point for any organisation embarking on an ethics journey as it sets the baseline on which to build.

Ethics Pioneer

Brian was one of the pioneers of tip-off disclosure services in South Africa and currently leads Be Heard® which is a leading independent and innovative provider of anonymous outsourced reporting services. He recently published an e-book – Managing Outsourced Reporting Services Effectively.

He has developed a unique Be Heard® Reporting Service Self-assessment Methodology and Questionnaire which enables anyone who is contracted to an outsourced service provider to go through a brief self-evaluation of their existing reality and determine where they stand.

Ethics Resources

Brian is also a Pioneer Member of the Ethics Practitioners Association of South Africa

Frequently Asked

How often do you hold your ethics workshops and webinars ?

I try and hold a webinar at least once a month. Please send me a mail to brian@theethicsarchitect.com and add your name and where you live and we’ll send you the details of our next workshops and webinars.

What do you charge for your ethics e-surveys ?

The fee we charge is based on the number of employees in an organisation. To receive a comprehensive proposal please send me a mail to brian@theethicsarchitect.com.