Pointing Hand

As 2019 rushes relentlessly to its end and many of us take some time out to review the year that’s been and to consider the year ahead may I ask you to please take a minute to read this post and to please give it some thought over the holidays.

I’ve come to two conclusions with respect to the fight against crime and corruption and our attempts to build an ethical South Africa. Neither is really earth-shattering but I believe if each of us “owns” them in the year ahead we may see a marginally better South Africa by this stage of 2020.

The first is that an ethical South Africa starts with me and depends on me and my actions! Each one of us has to walk the talk and become absolutely committed “ethics activists” in every sphere of our lives.

This means that we’ll have to be absolutely uncompromising and call out crime, corruption and unethical behaviour wherever and whenever we witness it! We’ll need to be brave and stand our ground against the tide of “institutionalised” corruption! We simply can’t continue to leave it to “them” to do it!

Secondly we’re all going to need to fight to see that the unethical and corrupt face consequences for their actions! The current state of impunity is absolutely crippling and not only to the economy but the national psyche!

How long are we, the honest, hardworking, tax-paying and job-creating men and women going to stand by and watch the people who have been looting billions of Rand simply get off Scot-free with absolutely no punishment for their actions? Once again we have to deal with this where we see it and set an example.

We simply can’t let crooks in our own organisations resign and leave when they should at the very least have been disciplined and at best have criminal charges lain against them.

How can we point a finger at others if we aren’t getting our own house in order?

I’m committed to stand up and fight even harder in 2020 – will you join me?