Like taking a shower, no one can “do ethics” for you, you have to do it yourself!
Our role as The Ethics Architect is to assist you to build an ethical structure and defeat workplace crime and unethical behaviour.
We offer a comprehensive range of services to assist you to build your dream organisation.

Ethics e-Surveys

We essentially have a primary survey which we developed for employees of an organisation as well as customised surveys for sub-contractors and suppliers.

This is a short but comprehensive statement setting out some important terms and conditions and the closing date.

General Information
This consists of a number of demographic questions which are customised to meet each client’s requirements. This could include gender, years’ service at the organisation, job specification, highest education and age.

Ethics Risks
This section includes nineteen statements and the respondents are asked to say to what extent they occur within the organisation.

Ethics Management
There are ten questions in this section where the respondents are asked to respond “Yes”, “No” or “I don’t know”. A typical question is “Have you read the organisation’s ethics policy?”

Ethics Awareness
This section also consists of nineteen statements where the respondents are asked to indicate to what extent they agree with the statements.

This section includes a “thank you” and a confirmation that the identity of the respondents will never be made known to the organisation. It also includes a space where the respondent can insert any specific comments and his or her contact details should he or she require us to contact them.

The sub-contractor and supplier e-surveys are of course different but their structure is similar.

Advice & Consulting

One of the primary services provided by The Ethics Architect is advice and consulting to top management of organisations. The following are some of the specific services provided:

  • Assisting with setting up the Social and Ethics Committee and drawing up the policies and procedures for this committee.
  • Writing a customised code of ethics and code of conduct for an organisation.
  • Drawing up the job specification for an ethics officer and assisting with the selection of the appropriate person.
  • Drawing up the job specification for the ethics champion and the ethics ambassadors.

The fees are charged on a project-by-project and outcome basis and not on an hourly rate.

Keynote Speaking

Brian is an experienced speaker and has addressed literally hundreds of conferences, seminars and workshops over the past 25 years. 

His preferred length for these talks is between 45 minutes and one hour.

Ethics Workshops

He conducts a wide range of one-day ethics workshops for the public, on behalf of professional organisations as part of their requirement for Continued Professional Education (CPE) and in-house for organisations.

Brian has recently (May 2020) presented his first full-day webinar using the Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms.

Ethics Training

As it is not always possible (or appropriate) for team members to attend full-day workshops Brian has developed a comprehensive range of ethics training modules which can be accessed via the web.

The best way for these modules to be accessed is via a matrix that he has developed which effectively sets out which team members should attend which particular module. This process is managed via a platform as is extremely user friendly for management. This system sets target dates for the completion of modules and gives management feedback of “attendance” and results.

Client Reviews

Brian has been part of our ethics journey at the Twinsaver Group for more than five years and he has contributed to establishing our ethics code and assisting with establishing a business based on strong ethical principles.

Joanne GouldCOO Twinsaver Group

Brian has undertaken a number of ethics surveys for our Group and the results and his advice have been extremely valuable in assisting us on our ethics journey.

Wessel KritzingerEthics Officer

“Ethics starts with me” is a phrase that comes to mind when I think about Brian Adams. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Brian for seven years, during which time Be Heard® provided the reporting hotline and ethics services to the JSE Listed Company where I was employed.

Eddie van StadenCA (SA)

How can we help you?

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