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Like taking a shower, no one can “do ethics” for you, you have to do it yourself! My role as The Ethics Architect™ is to assist you to build an ethical structure and defeat workplace crime and unethical behaviour. I offer a comprehensive range of services to assist you to build your dream organisation.

In her book “Ethics Can”, Cynthia Schoeman introduces the concept of the “new ROI” which refers to a return on integrity and postulates that companies with high levels of ethics really do have better bottom-lines. So “ethical capital” is not (and never really has been) a nice-to-have but is an absolutely critical element to ensure the success and sustainability of any organisation.

Hi! I'm

Brian Adams

I assist organisations by putting practical solutions in place to address ethics and workplace crime.

I have more than 30 year’s experience in corporate risk management and regularly consult, speak and write on related issues.

Hi! I'm

Brian Adams

I assist organisations by putting practical solutions in place to address ethics and workplace crime.

I have more than 30 year’s experience in corporate risk management and regularly consult, speak and write on related issues.


Ethics is not a department or a project managed by some external consultant!
 It is a set of values and beliefs that have to be woven into the fabric of your organisation and embraced by everyone from the top to the bottom!”






One of the primary services provided by  The Ethics Architect™ is to offer advice and consulting services to top management of organisations.


We have a primary survey we have developed for team members, as well as customised surveys for sub-contractors and suppliers.



I am a member of the Professional Speakers Association of SA and have addressed hundreds of conferences, seminars and workshops over the past 30 years.



I conduct a wide range of one-day ethics workshops and webinars for the public, in-house for organisations, and exclusively on behalf of professional organisations


A comprehensive range of ethics training modules can be accessed via the web if an in-person workshop isn’t feasible.


Policy Formulation

I can assist you to formulate an Ethics Charter (Code of Ethics), Code of Conduct and other related policies and procedures which are essential to build an ethical organisation.

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Adams' Ethics Pizza™ Methodology

After many years of working in the corporate risk management and governance environment I developed an important methodology – Adams’ Ethics Pizza™ – which can determine the ethics profile of an organisation. This ethics profile is determined by undertaking our unique e-survey among employees (and other stakeholders) of each organisation.

It consists quite simply of eight critical success factors which represent the “pizza slices” of the model.

Click below to download a brief document setting out this methodology.

be_heard ebook

Managing Outsourced Reporting Services Effectively

Having been personally involved in the outsourced disclosure business since 1999, it is absolutely clear to me that the difference between success and failure is marked by the total commitment direction and example-setting from the top leadership of an organisation. In fact, I will say without hesitation that if the tone is not set from the top, introducing an outsourced reporting service is a pointless and fruitless exercise.

This ebook will guide you in managing your outsourced reporting service and the steps you need to take to ensure its effectiveness and protect your organisation against white-collar crime and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Brian_adams_be heard

Be Heard® Reporting Service -
Self-evaluation Methodology

Since we pioneered outsourced reporting services in South Africa in 1999 we have wondered why some organisations experience considerable successes while others don’t. As I’ve discussed elsewhere on this site, I developed a methodology – Adams’ Ethics Pizza™ – some years ago which can quite accurately forecast the levels of success that an organisation could expect when it subscribes to a professionally managed outsourced reporting service.

To assist organisations, I have developed a brief self-evaluation survey which can be undertaken in-house to determine how an organisation is doing. Click download below to get the guide.

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“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you
have a right to do and what is right to do.”